The success and assured performance of Lyfe Present HomeCare Services depends solely on our staff. Our company confronts the challenges of accepting help during the most difficult times in your life. Our task is to meet the needs of each specific and preference of all our clients. After acknowledging the qualities and personal characteristics our client’s value, we screen our staff to fulfill the essential skills to best fit our clients. It is important to us to understand that how care is provided is just as important as the care itself, and that the care provider- client relationship is a crucial one. We empower persons with disabilities to treat the personal care relationship as a “real job” can help ensure satisfaction for both parties.

Our global community is constantly and rapidly evolving. Lyfe Present HomeCare Services knows the significance to our changing community must be flexible. New concepts in providing quality care for our clients with reevaluations which recognize the diversity of pupil’s needs and allow for the purpose of improvement, should be encouraged among our staff.  We foster programs that encourage adequate self-concepts and the acquisition of social, psychological and physical skills.  We provide a scope and sequence of activities based on assessment of our client abilities, interest, needs, choices, and goals. Lyfe Present, LLC provide a full range of opportunities which constitutes a continuous process that requires a cooperative staff.